Modernity and the Visual: Image and Text in Little Magazines

In this Exhibition, graduate students in the MA in Literatures of Modernity interrogate the complex ways in which modernity was expressed and critiqued in fin-de-siècle little magazines through their diverse contributors, experimental literary and artistic contents, material and technological innovations, and editorial agendas.


The New Woman and the Yellow Book: Commercializing the Female Body
Samantha Baran

Utilizing mysticism in ‘Deirdre: A Drama in Three Acts’ in The Green Sheaf
Harleigh Keriazes

Logic, Balance, Control: Ornament & Typography in The Dial and the Vale Press
Alevtina Laipy

The Yellow Book‘s Decorative Women: Critiquing the Victorian Aesthetic Ideal
Sabrina Pavelic

‘Under the Hill’ and The Beardsley Editorial Vision for The Savoy
Rosabel Smegal